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Jocelin Bogdana

Verified Customer

I have trouble with racing thoughts and anxiety. Using this waterfall incense burner has helped me find a place of calm and relaxation no matter how crazy the world is around me. I set this going as soon as I get home from work and keep it going all the way to when I go to bed. This is a tool in my tool belt to help combat anxiety and lower my stress.


Combat stress and anxiety with the healing power of aromatherapy and the hypnotizing spectacle of Spirual's waterfall

Reduce tension and nervousness

Soothe the body

Sleep better than ever

100%-pure therapy-grade aromatics

Safeguard yourself and your loved ones

from these stress-induced problems

Negative Thoughts
Poor Sleep
Comfort Eating
Pure and Organic
Friendly for Pets
Natural Ingredients
Artisan Crafted

Featured In

Featured In

The 3 Simple Steps to Melt Your Stress Away - Watch How

1. Choose one of ten unique scents.

2. Simply light the cone.

3. Position the cone at the top of the waterfall.

4. And Relax!

Protect Yourself From Stress And Anxiety Thanks To The Healthiest Plants On Earth

Unlike ordinary incenses that use sawdust and other fillers, Incense Waterfall infuses 100% pure essential oils into every cone.


Calming and Soothing


Cleansing and Refreshing


Uplifting and Inspiring


Invigorating and Energizing


Gentle and Settling


The Ultimate Stress Reliever


Calming and Soothing


Cleansing and Refreshing


Uplifting and Inspiring


Invigorating and Energizing


Gentle and Settling


The Ultimate Stress Reliever

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy uses the natural healing properties of plant essential oils to bring about profound wellbeing in mind and body.

Personalize Your Spirual Experience

Choose your favorite essential oil incense scent every time. All 10 scents included!


Appetite Control


Increased Skin Health


Relieves Nausea


Quickly Reduces Cortisol Levels


Calming Effect on the Body

Green tea

Relieves Fatigue & Stress


Increased Happiness Levels


Enhances Focus & Stimulates Memory


Relaxes & Balances the Mind


Boosts Mood & Eases Stress

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Millions Can't Be Wrong — Discover the Secret of the Spirual Incense Waterfall Aromatherapy’s Magical Ability to Relieve Stress

Using 100%-pure essential oils, each and every one of our incense cones are infused with the health-giving properties of healing plants and flowers from around the world.

Millions of People around the World are Thanking Spirual Incense Waterfall for Relieving their Stress Naturally

1. Our Sense of Smell

Smell is directly linked to our thoughts and emotions

2. Neural Signals

Our brain experiences smell through the amygdala

3. The prefrontal cortex

The amygdala controls our emotions and therefore our stress levels

4. Emotions

With smell and brain so closely linked, scent can be used to stimulate positive thoughts and pleasurable emotions

Let Your gaze Follow the Smoke as it Falls and Feel Your Stress Just Melt Away

Protect You and Your Loved Ones from the Ravages of Stress with the Spirual Incense Waterfall

Pathogens and Health Issues

Premature Aging


Poor Sleep

Cardiovascular Problems

Mood Swings

Pathogens and Health Issues

Premature Aging


Poor Sleep

Cardiovascular Problems

Mood Swings

Did You Know That Lavender Has Been Proven To Be The Fastest Natural Stress Reliever In The World?

Naturally occurring linalyl acetate gives lavender one of its unique properties: its unparalleled ability to quieten the mind and reduce restlessness, anxiety, and agitation.

Why Dealing with Stress is the Best Way to Tackle Weight Gain

Comfort Eating is the #1 Cause of Obesity

Unwind Naturally

Relax with the Spirual Incense Burner and curl up on the sofa with a good book, a cup of herbal tea and some soothing music

Lavender & Lemongrass are great healers — a wonderful combination to reduce stress and anxiety

Transform Your Yoga Class Into A Blissful Experience

Spirual's uplighting orange scented cones brighten any atmosphere and are the perfect addition to your yoga practice.

Turbocharge Your Yoga Sessions

Use the Jasmine Cone With The Spirual Incense Waterfall To Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Longer

Use Spirual's Jasmine incense cone an hour before bed and slip into blissful, quality sleep sooner than you've ever done before. According to research, Jasmine is known to improve the quality of sleep and help you rest better to be more energized the next day.

Use Lavender 1 hour before bed

Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep

Increases the quality of sleep

REM Sleep increases health

Wake Up


Sleep Experts Have Found That A Proper Night's Sleep Makes You:

Feel more positive

Feel Happier

More productive

Finding It Hard To Focus During Meditation Pratice? Light Your Spirual!

Lavender And Orange Are A Stress-Busting Combination

Watch The Magical Way The Spirual Incense Waterfall Promotes Calm While Simultaneously Cleansing The Air

Get Our Variety Pack Of Cones For Free

Every order comes with 10 FREE cones which includes all of our scents.

New & Improved Spirual Incense Cones Last Longer Than Ever Before

Incense Waterfall’s new cones last up to 7 minutes!

Our all-natural incense cones do not contain any synthetic chemicals

The Spirual Incense Waterfall is non-toxic and safe to use around all your loved ones, including your pets.

Handcrafted in Porcelain by Artisans, Each Spirual Incense Waterfall Is Unique and Beautiful to Behold

Sharing is Caring — Share the Spirual Incense Waterfall with Your Friends. They'll Love It!

Over 95% Of Our Customers Have Expressed Their Complete Satisfaction With Their Spirual Incense Waterfalls. Here's What They Have To Say About Them:

I was blown away the first time I lit my Spirual. It's beautifully made and takes pride of place in my living room. It's a real talking point and now my friends all want one too. As soon as the smoke starts flowing down the waterfall, it's immediately soothing and the smell really makes me feel relaxed. I'd recommend it to anyone, but especially if they have a stressful job, or suffer from anxiety.

Monica K.

Austin, TX

Wow, this is just one of the coolest things I have ever bought. The flow of smoke down the waterfall is mesmerising and sooo relaxing! I always get a good feeling when I watch it and it makes the whole house smell great. I use it every time I do my yoga exercises and it's now an integral part of my wellness regime.

Freda M.

Sacramento, CA

All Orders Ship From The US

Your complete satisfaction Is important to us, that's why all orders are shipped from our warehouse in Los Angeles to ensure the swift and secure delivery of your new Spirual Incense Waterfall.

This is the biggest humanitarian crisis in history

Incense Waterfall is supporting american doctors on the front line

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go towards supporting american doctors on the front lines fighting this epidemic

100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed

Or Your

Money Back

NO RISK - 30 Day Trial Period

Just tell us within 30 days if you're not completely satisfied with your Spirual Incense Waterfall and we'll issue you a full refund.

Call Us Anytime, For Any Reason

Our award-winning customer service team is here to help. Should you have any concerns or questions, or are not 100% satisfied with your Spirual Incense Waterfall, just call us on +1 (980) 655-2515. Our phone lines are open seven days a week from 8AM-8PM EST. Email is recommended for the quickest response time and one of our customer service team will be standing by to respond to your query from 1AM-9AM EST.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many cones come with my order?

A: With your order of the Incense Waterfall, you will receive 10 incense cones in one of a variety of scents: apple, lily, rose, lavender, rosemary, green tea, lemon, mint, cherry blossoms/sakura or jasmine.


Q: How long do the cones burn?

A: The burn time of the incense cones will depend on the specific type of incense and the conditions in which it is used. In general, incense cones will burn for approximately 7 minutes.


Q: Can I get more incense cones?

A: Yes, you can purchase additional incense cones from Spirual. We offer a Luxury Natural Incense Cones pack that includes 50 cones in 10 different scents.


Q: Is Spirual safe for kids?

A: While incense can be a wonderful way to bring calmness and relaxation to a space, it is important to use caution when burning incense around children. The smoke and heat from incense can be harmful if inhaled or touched, and children may be more prone to accidents due to their curiosity and lack of caution. It is mandatory to keep the incense out of reach of children and to always supervise children when incense is being used.


Q: What if the vapor does not go down?

A: If the vapor from the incense cones is not flowing down the Incense Waterfall as expected, there could be a few possible causes. Please check for open windows or air conditioning, as the breeze coming from them might disturb the flow. Make sure that the incense cone is properly placed in the holder and that the holder is properly positioned in the basin.

Customer reviews


482 ratings from

Makenzie Khloe

San Francisco, California

I'm plagued by anxiety and a mind that won't stop racing. This waterfall incense burner gives me real respite from a world gone crazy — I turn to it as soon as I get through the door after work. It helps keeps me grounded and stress-free, and gets me ready for a good night's sleep. I'm now having the best night's sleep I've had in years!

Quintin Yazmin

New York, New York

The Best Night's Sleep Ever! — The Spirual has given me my best sleep ever. I sleep more deeply and for longer; I'd recommend it as a sleep aid to anyone. A brilliant product that helps me sleep the whole night through.

Abegail Victoria

Houston, Texas

It's Really Meditative — I lead a stressful life and I'm always on the look out for products to help me deal with the pressures of work. I can use it in my office because it's flameless and my boss is totally OK with me using it to get myself focussed for an important meeting or to de-stress during the day.

Shawn Emory

Phoenix, Arizona

Smells Great! — My wife and I decided to give this product a go after trying several other relaxation products and we've found this to be the best. We used to use scented candles but the Spirual is better at creating a calming atmosphere and it's far safer because there's no naked flame. We can keep the whole house smelling great all day and not worry about fire risk.

Randell Rhond

Chicago, Illinois

I Feel Better Rested — Like a lot of people I suffer from insomnia and have tried everything from sleeping pills to herbal remedies, but I have become wary of taking pills because of their long-term side effects. So, I bought a Spirual thinking I had nothing to lose. I noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern the first time I used it and I now wake up feeling better rested and with a clearer head. It's a fantastic product and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Lucile Kenelm

Los Angeles, California

Does What It Says On The Tin! — It's rare to buy something that lives up to expectations, but the Spirual does just that. I use it morning and night and it sets me up for the day and helps me wind down at night. It's a beautiful object to own and watch and if you're thinking about getting one, I say: 'Go for it!"

Kailyn Harve

Jacksonville, Florida

Creates A Healing Environment — I'm a holistic massage therapist and use the Spirual to create a healing atmosphere in my therapy room. My clients love its visual aspect and always comment on how relaxing it is to the watch the smoke descending the porcelain "ladder". Now everyone in the therapy center I work in wants one too!

Hugo Ernie

San Antonio, Texas

Life Got Really Crazy — Lockdowns and killer viruses? You're telling me I have to stay home for a month? Jeeez... I find confinement really tough and I needed something to keep me sane during lockdown, so I tried the Spirual. I ordered it online and it was at my door within days. I was over the moon! I just love it — It keeps me in my happy place.

Hugh Kaelea

Boston, Massachusetts

A Natural Stress Reliever — I'm a big believer in keeping things natural and try to avoid chemicals whenever possible. Natural essential oils just make sense to me and the Spirual's 100%-pure incense cones tick that box. They really work. They smell great and I can match scents to my mood. Plus watching the smoke flow down through the waterfall is a real stress reliever. Highly recommended!

Tamra Charleen

Charlotte, North Carolina

Anxiety Beater — I'm always a bit sceptical of anything that's marketed as an antidote to anxiety, because I suffer so badly from it. My anxiety is almost paralysing. But my mom saw this and suggested I try it. I was blown away — it really does work. Thanks mom!

Emmanuel Pearle

Portland, Oregon

Happier and Healthier — You can't be happy if you're not getting a good night's sleep. Period. In fact, I get so crotchety if I don't sleep well that my wife got one of these and insisted I try it. It has made a real difference to the quality of my sleep, my life, and my relationship. So my advice is: If you have trouble sleeping, get one. You won't regret it and neither will your partner.

Buster Shanae

Denver, Colorado

Definitely Worth The Money — This thing really works. I saw it featured in the Atlantic and figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I now fall asleep faster and sleep for longer, and if I'm stressed I sit and look at it and let the sight of the smoke melt my stress away. It's a great product and I'm so glad I discovered it.

Sheila Laura

Seattle, Washington,

Essential For Yogis — I'm a yoga teacher and I bought this to go in my studio. I quickly discovered how well it helps me and my students leave the stress and strife of the world behind and focus on our practice. It's become so central to my lessons that my students remind me to light it if I forget to. To all you yogis and yoginis out there: Get one, you won't regret it!

Garrett Gilbert

Dallas, Texas

Leaves A Long-Lasting Scent — Like a lot of the other reviewers, I've found that the Spirual makes the whole house smell good — the scent doesn't just stay in one room, it spreads out and makes my whole home smell heavenly for hours. It's also great fun and really calming to watch. I'd really recommend it for anyone who likes to de-stress by using the power of natural plant essences.

Kaycee Shuyler

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I Sleep Much Better — As you get older you get pretty sceptical of gimmicks and "wonder products", but my granddaughter bought me this to help me sleep and I discovered that it really works. I've suffered from insomnia for years — it's a totally debilitating condition — but I now use my Spirual every night and I'm having the best sleep I've had in decades. Thank you Spirual, and thank you Katy!

Simon Chante

Detroit, Michigan

Like Looking At A Real Waterfall — This is so tranquil and serene to look at — it's just like looking at the real thing. I love it, and it makes my apartment smell great too. It's such a calming, soothing feature and I love the sinuous way the smoke falls down the steps of the burner. If you want the full effect though, turn your fans off to allow the smoke to really do it's thing.

Mikhaila Marsha

San Francisco, California

A Real Conversation Starter — This looked so cool that I just had to have one. It's like a sophisticated lava lamp and I bring it out whenever I have friends over. If I forget, they prompt me; we really enjoy watching it on game nights and coffee afternoons, and it creates a really wholesome atmosphere in the whole house.

Ferne Stephania

New York, New York

Fast And Secure Delivery — I'm always a bit wary of buying breakables on the internet, but my Spirual came very securely packaged and the delivery was much faster than for other products I've bought online. I had it working straight away and I now wouldn't be without one. In fact, I've ordered another for my guest house.

Ritchie Troy

Houston, Texas,

Very Romantic! — I've often been disappointed by things I've bought online, but the Spirual surpassed all my expectations. It's not only restful to watch, but it fills the whole house with a wonderful natural scent. My wife and I love it and watch it together. It's very romantic!

Jezza Scottie

Phoenix, Arizona

Stress Relief Delivered To Your Door — What a lot of stress relief in one little package! I put this beautiful little incense burner to work as soon as it arrived, and I have to say, it really is a blessing. It just works and I use it daily to control the stress I experience from running a small business and raising three young children.

Emma Lorraine

Chicago, Illinois

We're Sleeping So Much Better — My husband is a terrible sleeper and it was really starting to affect our relationship, so I thought I'd give this incense burner a try. Initial results are very promising. He's started dropping off more quickly and waking up later and later... Fingers crossed!

India Douglas

Los Angeles, California

I Can Only Tolerate Natural Scents — I can tell a synthetic scent a mile off; that's why I can't stand scented candles and cheap incense sticks. The Spirual is different though and I love the 100%-pure essential oils it uses in the cones. It's far less hassle and mess than an essential oil burner and so lovely to watch, it really de-stresses me during the day and sets me up for a good night's sleep. It's a winner!

Maxene Jarred

Jacksonville, Florida

A Wonderful Gift — I bought one of these for a friend's housewarming party and she loved it. I was really impressed with the way it filled the house with scent and it was so relaxing to watch that I bought another one for myself. They are wonderful and I happily endorse them.

Samantha Finn

San Antonio, Texas

Soooo Relaxing! — I had to stop watching the news, it was making me so stressed. I knew I had to do something to get a grip on my anxiety levels, so I started taking long walks and bought a Spirual online. I light it when I get home from my walk and watch the smoke fall down the steps. The combination of exercise and mindfulness really works. It's such a simple, elegant thing — I love it!

Spirual Incense Waterfall - Stress Therapy Tool Offers Instant Anxiety Relief with 100% Pure Essential Oils


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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FDA Disclaimer

Spirual or any of the claims listed in its web material have not been evaluated by the FDA. The aforementioned products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or condition, but rather to provide a complimentary supplement to the professionally assigned treatments. If you have a health concern or a pre-existing condition, please consult a physician or an appropriate specialist before using Spirual. Spirual IS NOT intended to replace or to supersede any of your doctor’s advice or prescriptions. Spirual IS NOT designed to replace medicine & treatments.

How Spirual Works

Spirual Incense Waterfall is a ceramic incense cone holder, designed to make aromatic incense smoke fall downwards in a waterfall-like fashion. The core Spirual purchase also includes 10 differently scented incense cones made from wood infused with ethereal/essential oils. Burning incense cones is a form of aromatherapy.1

Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that uses essential oils to promote wellbeing. The effects on health listed in the Spirual’s advertisement materials are attributed to the plant extracts used as ingredients in Spirual incense cones (essential oils). When inhaled, the scent molecules in Spirual’s essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain2 (hence, emotion-focused wellbeing claims in Spirual advertising).



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